Thursday, June 5, 2008

I want a new drug...

Or how about a do-over on the month of June....

Want me to start at the beginning?
Lord, kids, I haven't posted in a while... Not because I haven't wanted to, but because it's been crazy stupid insane around here. It all started last Thursday...

I’m a creature of habit in a bad way folks! Last Thursday I traveled to Jacksonville, NC to see my staff at Camp LeJeune. At any rate, I had to get up early, didn’t have time for my normal routine in the morning (wake, coffee, email, news, shower, prep travel mug, leave house). Didn't get to do that... Woke up a bit late (had to be moving 45 minutes earlier than usual - not good. I'm not a morning person.) I had NO hot water. None. Took a cold shower. No Fox News for me. No email checking. No blog reading. Nadda. I did have a blast with my friend Heather! She works for a partner company of mine and we laughed all day. (I like working with Heather, can you tell?) At any rate, by the time I got home at 5, I was tired and cranky.

Friday - not too bad. Put out fires all day at work, and got nothing productive accomplished. Yay!

Saturday - The day of many birthdays. First, Maddie's very first BFF had her 9th birthday party. It was a pool party. Yay! I had to see a bunch of other mothers that drive me bonkers, but I did good - I knit! After the party, I picked up Ice Cream Cake (Carvel - my favorite) and some sushi, came home and did birthday #2 for Junior. I heart Junior bunches.. (More on that another day.) I will, however tell you that these other mother's that I don't particularly enjoy are condescending and ugly, so I'm not being petty. It simply stinks to high hell that our kids like each other. Well, I take that back. It's too bad they can't be like their super sweet children!

Sunday - Eh. Whatever... I felt like junk in the morning, and by the time I felt better physically, I had no desire do go out and run errands, so the Madster and I just chose to take a day of rest. We even took a nap. There is something about snuggles that always make a person feel better, no matter what's going on.

Monday - Downright day of suckage. Pure suckage. Not only had my boss decided to assign me the impossible Friday afternoon, but when I completed it by noon, it wasn't what he wanted. Apparently being able to get water from a rock is somewhere in my job description. As I was leaving, the worst possible thing happened. Seriously.

My favorite travel mug – a Longaberger one (yeah, way too much $$) – took a nose dive out of my bag yesterday as I was leaving work and broke.. So distraught was I that I just kept on walking, thinking that some mythical elves would come during the night and make everything better.

Tuesday - I find out elves don't really exist. I slogged to work today with the mug on the left. I don’t even know how I came into possession of this mug, but I certainly have figured out why, because I now have spots of coffee on my linen pants! (Lids are supposed to keep beverages IN the cup, just so ya’ll know) I’ll be searching for a new fabulous travel mug. If anyone knows of an outstanding mug, please let me know…. I’ve shed a tear and given the mug it’s last rites and have lovingly placed it in the trash can beside my desk.

And look what Maddie and I saw while we were walking to the car!

First, I walked a bit closer and took this picture. Stood for a moment and watched.

Then they got interested in some crazy lady taking pictures. And came after me. Seriously. To the point that Madster was freaking out. And to be honest - so was I.

These suckers move fast. They went from 15 feet away to about 5 feet in a milli-second (ok, well, not so fast, but you get my point) And they honk while they walk. I love me some Canadian Geese, but I thought they were going to attack me. Yes, I did. Could you imagine showing up to work with part of your thigh missing?

For real, no big deal, it's just a duck bite, I'll be fine.

Wednesday - Job fairs are not fun! I do not recruit. I don't like it, my girlfriend Beth does a great job at it from her perch high above St. Louis, but it's simply not my schtick. At any rate I go to the job fair at 8am and leave at 4 pm to return home with no new leads on employees. I refuse to do another one that takes up my whole day. Bottom line (and go figure) - I need to higher Doctors. They don't go to job fairs! Does boss understand this? Nope. Does he take my word for it? Well, no, because I went to the f*&^#&* job fair. Why would someone who makes over $90K a year go to a job fair? Unless it's geared towards them, they aren't going anywhere near it. Why would they? Then again, I am kinda cute and would like to hire them..

Thursday - Day two of 100+ temperatures. Do I really need to say more? I did manage to go to dinner with my super duper friend Gabe. I love her to bits. Madster was with her daddy-o, so Gabe and I went to dinner. Then I talked her into getting her nose pierced, so we drove across town to our favorite tattoo shop, Cross Creek Tatto. Billy was going to do it, but he was working on a tat, and we would have been in a food coma when he was done. I'll share more on Gabe's nose later. (Yes, my nose is peirced. I would never encourage someone to do something I haven't done myself)

How about I just leave you with pictures of myself. With purple hair. Maybe I'll even point out the nose ring just for kicks.

It's right there - in the corner of my nose. A petite and mild mannered diamond stud. It's fun stuff kinds. And don't worry - while I love the purple a lot it was only temporary. Thanks Wendy! (And please overlook the shine on my nose..)

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