Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Corona and Crackers

First, and this will come as no surprise to most - it's been flippin' hot. I am alright with the current hotness, because the humidity is only 65% which is low for my neck of the woods. Mini-Me told me yesterday "Mommy, I watched the weather channel, and they said the "human" was low - is that good?" Yes, sweetheart, although you should really call it the humidity.

  • Funny story - Mini-Me goes to Sunday School. I ask how it was. She tells me great! We had Corona and crackers. Huh? (I'm really thinking, please don't tell me you have said that at Sunday School!) I call the Sunday School teacher, who luckily knows me, and asks what the heck her child is talking about. After a rather long belly laugh, she tells me they had "Communion" and that they used crackers for it, and grape juice for the wine!! (They were getting them used to what the things were and what to do) At least we know she has some sort of functioning word association!!
(I had to use this picture - it has a rather holy looking glow, don't ya think?

Second, I have got a toe and a half of a foot done on my #1 sock! (That's what it's been named). I'm tickled pink. I'm using Wendy's Generic Toe-Up pattern, and it's not that hard! I did have to change needles because it was really loose when I tried it on after starting out with US 2. I've now switched to US 1 and am loving every stitch! Yay! Also, I have researched easier to methods, as the toe on #1 sock looks like a toe, but a rather ugly one due to my inability to do short rows. I'm scared for the heel, folks - really I am.

Third, I'm going to have to give up some things in order to maintain sock yarn... Scratch Tickets and unnecessary new clothes for myself must go. Boo.

Fourth, I've met a lot of new people on Plurk, and I am enjoying the conversations and the knitty-speak! It is rather fun, rather time consuming, and rather inspirational! I really enjoy the camaraderie that goes along with being with a group of knitty-folk. Because I am the only one in my circle of friends that knits, and there's not a big knitting community locally, it's something I've never had before and all I can say is: "Me likey."

Fifth, and final. I don't often talk about my depression and anxiety troubles. Partly because it's my business, and partly because it's not exactly like you get awards for having either problem! (Please laugh at that - I am!) I know that knitting helps with my problems - it's a good way for me to focus on something else other than what's wrong. I think that's why I like garter stitch - mindless, mindless and more mindless. I also know that when I surround myself with good things, most importantly people, I feel better. I know that people who are consistently angry bring me down, and while I won't swear them off, I know better than to talk to them daily. People who can be sympathetic to my situation are a huge help as well. Many of my friends understand that when I'm upset I need to feel supported - and not alone. So after rambling for a few sentences, I want ya'll to know that I can overcome anything!! My good friend Frank always reminds me that after 10 years of being a military spouse, 5 of that being a Special Forces wife, I am a strong woman capable of tackling anything life sends my way. I need to stop "knowing" this and start "living" this.

Ok, so maybe there is a sixth.. I've got some fun new (well, new to me) knitting books for weekend pool side reading! Wendy J, EZ and Cat Bordhi. Yay for me!

I know that this blog post was a bit deeper than most (in some ways, anyway) but some times it's good to just let it out!


Twisted Knitter said...

Speaking of deep, I think it's good to have the immediacy of Plurk when something is eating at you RIGHT NOW and you want to reach out.

Interesting tidbit: I spend more money on yarn than I do on clothes and I give away nearly everything I knit; however, I maintain that knitting supports my mental health, so it's worth every penny!

Daniele said...

Thanks for sharing! And, money and sock yarn... yep - 'nuff said!

Daniele aka

She Knits Socks said...

Yay for Corona and crackers. Add a little dip or salsa and Hey, it's a party! Aren't kids funny?

I'm so glad to hear you are now knitting socks with us. You will find a way to afford sock yarn. Maybe a yard sale? Or save your change?

Dani said...

I agree about Plurk giving us access to more knitters _ i have come across people who I hadn't yet bumped into on Ravelry or in my other knitty circles!

Your friend Frank is right, he just forgot one key piece - you're a KNITTER - you can knit thru anything ;-) It's good to have people around who know your strength better than you do sometimes - they can remind us when we need it most.

She Knits Socks said...

Thanks for your comments on the socks. The gray and black is called "Eclipse" and it is from Tempted. I got it at Loops (LYS) in Tulsa. You might check them out, or check with Stacey at Tempted. I really like the way they turned out.