Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Rambles.

This is me and my baby Madeline (if you are willing to consider 8 years old to be a baby). She's been gone at her Grammy's ALL WEEK. Normally, I would have spent this time going out and about and doing whatever I wanted, but I've been soooo sick I've stayed at home all week.
Trust me when I tell you that NO Crown Royale, Muscato D'Asti, Peache Lambic, or Newcastle has passed these lips since 3/22.
I know, big deal, yadda yadda... And, pleople, it's not that I drink all the time, or that all the time I drink alot, but it's unusual for me to make it through an entire weekend without having a single sip - particularly because this has been a LONG, CRAPPY week! Work (when I made it there) made me want to poke my eyes out! ARGH!!
Tomorrow is Monday (just so you can remember!) and on Tuesday I am off to St. Louis to visit the Spectrum Corporate Offices. Big yay. At least I get to meet some people I have only spoken to on the phone for a year. Kind of like meeting a pen pal. One girl has already told me she's dancing on the table Tuesday... Have fun Michaela, 'cause you gonna be dancing by yourself!
In knitting news, I have made progress on Linda's Shawl. I've gotten to the decreases! I'll take pictures when I block it. I am making the Belini Shawl from Morehouse Farms.
I know - don't I have a Fiddle Head Scarf to finish? Why, of course I do, but it's her Birthday! I can't procrastinate on a gift!
To all of you beautiful people who read this blog - I applaud you. (Yes, currently I believe that I am the only one)
Love, Peace and Hair Grease!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


"Hey!!! That's beautiful, and I think I could knit that" (As in this beautiful cardigan from Hanne Falkenberg)

Hmm... Let's surf around and see what the deal is with this pretty thing! I love Hanne's philosophy.. She wanted things easy, she wanted things user friendly. She only sells her stuff as kits - yarn, directions, AND a picture (love love love pictures). How exciting could life be!! No wandering around the internet trying to find something that might work right for the pattern.. No figuring out what would be a good substitute - nope, it's all right in one place and Hanne's done all of the work for me!

So, reader, go ahead and pick which color you would like. Personally, I pick aubergine and purple. I click on the color....

Then go into heart failure

$265 - not including shipping, friends!!!!!

Oh, and by the way, just in case you haven't figured it out, it's a flippin conspiracy against us little people. Sure! It's great to want to make things easy for the average knitter - every thing's included - won't sell my stuff any other way....

Remember the whole substituting yarn thing? Uh-huh. Now you've figured it out - YOU CAN'T BUY JUST THE STINKIN' PATTERN.


And that's what I think about that.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ouch. It hurts to cough... In my 32 years, I don't think my throat has ever hurt this bad. I felt too crappy yesterday to leave the house after coming home early from work, so today I'm trying to get a DRs appointment, and work from home.

Now granted, in the office everything is done over the phone - there's only myself and Katie in our office. So I've got my email open and my cell phone ready.. But people, it flippin hurts to talk. It will be a fun day.

I'm on project overload.. I was working on a cotton baby binky (smaller than a normal blanket - more like the size of a receiving blanket) and the cotton is to much for my aching body. I thought about taking some pictures of it, and perhaps later on in the day I'll decided to make that happen... Sure, whatever you say Megan...

I've got a lace shawl I can work on instead, which requires little thought as its just knit and purl rows... The blanket is a log cabin, and because its so small, I'm always having to change direction or change color our count ridges. . . . Yeah, it's simple, but it takes effort, and for some reason I have no desire to exert myself today.

I'm done sniveling for now and I'm going to go and call my mom.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fiddle Heads

I've been knitting the Fiddle Head Fern scarf from Morehouse Farms. Of course since it's meager conception, I've been side tracked due to a slight case of ADD and knitting for friends, but I only have a few rows left!
I think that I'm going to have to start setting deadlines, because gifts I can crank out in a heartbeat.. Things for myself, well, that's another story!
I hate blocking, by the way. Any time I have done it I am reminded that I make mistakes and am too lazy to rework an entire project - HOWEVER! I am going to block this one to my heart's content so it will be most the most lovely scarf ever.
Uh-huh, I'm gonna keep living in la-la land!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ohhh Boy.. Another Hobby

I love looking foward to things - perhaps that's why I read people's blogs on knitting like a crazy lady... I have about 5 million (or so) bookmarked on my computer and I check on them daily. I'm exhausted.. I usually am. ..

So of course when the lady at my local Starbucks handed me a venti coffee instead of the grande at 6pm, and an hour later I was still exhausted, it didn't occur to me to GO TO SLEEP. Oh no - not me. Like a smart girl, I stayed up and here it is 1030pm on Easter Sunday and I am wide awake, thinking "I could have my own blog"

Wouldn't it be fun if Megan had her own blog?


Now the whole world can share in my rambles - which I have a lot of. Just ask my friends. I love to ramble.

Ok Megan, stop it..

Look - too much coffee + too much knitting = blah blah blah.

Perhaps a glass of wine would help. (hehe)