Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It is what it is, and Mini-Me's pose sums up the current situation quite appropriately. Not that I am a nose picker, but when there's not much else to do, ya might as well do something useful, right?

Like freak out the kiddo by posting a picture of her picking her nose on a blog for all the world to see. Good times ya'll.

School is out tomorrow at 12:30. While I'd like to say that I have a lot of fun and exciting things planned for the summer, the truth is I've got nothing. Zip. Nadda. Zero. Now that I am on an unexpected vacation, kidlet will be expecting great things.

Personally, I'm expecting to not hear my alarm clock at 6:30am for a while.

In knitting news, I am determined to seam up the sleeves on my Creature Comforts Cardi. I finally re-read the pattern and noticed that it told me how long to make the seams, which is nice, because I was at a loss as to how to figure it out. Hopefully I will have pictures of a completed one for you in short order.

Whats on the needles next?

1. A stole for the marvelous Patsy P.
2. A baby blanket for Miss Jaicie
3. Frost Flowers and Lace. I've had the yarn for almost a year. One would think I would get down to business by now, eh?

And let us not forget the Tour de Fleece. I've been warming up my Cranky Pants now for about a month.

Let the good times roll.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Worthy Blog Post.

I know, I know. I am back to being a bad blogger.

Now that I'm back to having time on my hands, I can go back to being a good blogger. Well, maybe.

The real reason for blogging is because of Jaicie Addison, who graced us with her presence on May 31st. Born to Bria & Joshua, she is already an amazing baby and has overcome many obstacles in a short period of time. I cannot wait to hold her close to me and tell her how much I love her! Her mother Bria and I have known each other since the age of 12, and I could not imagine my life without her.

We have been through everything under the sun together, and it has broken my heart that I've not been able to be there for her, as she was for me when Mini-Me made her grand appearance.

So, in order to keep myself busy, I've been knitting a bit for little Jaicie...

The Confection Shrug and Baby Rollin' Beret.

The great Zondarino suggested the shrug, and I can agree with her that it was a quick and easy knit. Total knit time was around 6 hours. I even managed to seam up the sleeves without assistance.

Great things are happening all over the place, I tell ya.