Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Stupidity

Fingering Weight Bison/Bamboo Blend: $84
Cost to make a shawl with it: $600+ (depending on shawl)
Realizing that some times yarn can be stupid: PRICELESS

We can all thank DreamWeaver Yarns for this bit of stupidity - it's their fault, they sent the email telling me to look. (By the way it's only 25% Bison - thanks LBinVA for pointing out even more stupidity!)

Now really, I'm a sucker for good things, such as expensive yarn. I'll admit it, the more soft, squishy, yummy goodness the yarn contains, the better, as far as I am concerned, but this blows my mind. I will admit that the yarn is definitely beautiful. I will also admit that I remotely wish I had the kind of budget that would allow me to purchase such yarn. But for now, it's just the Stupidity for the week. Never did I think I would consider yarn stupidity. What a sad day.

And it's only Monday. Oy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum!

My mum turns some-age-she-doesn't-want-known on Saturday 29 June! My mother and I have not always had the best relationship. Partly because I was a nutty teenager, but partly because we are so very similar. Once I left the nest and grew up, I came to realize that no matter where I am or what is going on, my mother is always going to be there for me.

I think my mom would be the first person to tell you that I don't always make the best choices, I don't always take the easy route, and I am independent to a fault. No matter where my choices or path take me, she is always there for me with more love and support than I could ever ask for. We have grown so very close over the last 10 years, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have her by my side.

For those of you who don't know, I live in North Carolina and mum lives in New Hampshire. I've been out of the state since 1994, and still to this day we will cry together over how bad it hurts sometimes to be apart. Although I am reasonably happy here in NC, I do struggle with being a single mom, and being alone and there are days when I wish that I could just pack up and go home. To my mom, who will still rub my back while I go to sleep if I ask her to. To see the delight she takes in having Mini-Me around, and how much of a bond there is between the two of them fills me completely. She has this way that she always smooths down Mini-Me's hair on the top of her head when Mini-Me cries or is upset. It makes me feel better just watching it. When we travel to her house, I wake up to an empty bed in the morning, and find Mini-Me curled up with my mother having either a quiet conversation about the topic of the day, or just snuggling and watching TV. I could not ask for a sight more beautiful.

(ok - no more of that because now I'm crying)

Top 10 Reasons Why Nancy Lillian Cassidy Is So Freakin' Awesome

1. The is one of the most crafty people I know!! (jewelry making, weaving baskets, knitting, painting, the list goes on)
2. She bakes the best English Muffin Bread!
3. Her hair is nice!
4. She took me to my first concert - Crosby Stills and Nash (who we sing along with to this day)
5. She lets us call her the Ayatollah when she acts bratty.
6. She always sends Mini-Me and I little care packages with fun stuff inside.
7. She gives me the best encouragement when I try new things (like knitting socks)
8. We can laugh hysterically about the most trivial things!
9. She puts up with my wacky ways.
10. She loves me no matter what!!!

She asked me for a summer weight scarf, and this is what I made her:

(I tried to be a bit artsy when I took this - heh) I got the pattern from here. I used Elann Callista - about 1 1/3 skeins. I like it.

Ok, so now that I've taken you on the emotional roller coaster for the day, please make sure you tell your mum that you love her!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Corona and Crackers

First, and this will come as no surprise to most - it's been flippin' hot. I am alright with the current hotness, because the humidity is only 65% which is low for my neck of the woods. Mini-Me told me yesterday "Mommy, I watched the weather channel, and they said the "human" was low - is that good?" Yes, sweetheart, although you should really call it the humidity.

  • Funny story - Mini-Me goes to Sunday School. I ask how it was. She tells me great! We had Corona and crackers. Huh? (I'm really thinking, please don't tell me you have said that at Sunday School!) I call the Sunday School teacher, who luckily knows me, and asks what the heck her child is talking about. After a rather long belly laugh, she tells me they had "Communion" and that they used crackers for it, and grape juice for the wine!! (They were getting them used to what the things were and what to do) At least we know she has some sort of functioning word association!!
(I had to use this picture - it has a rather holy looking glow, don't ya think?

Second, I have got a toe and a half of a foot done on my #1 sock! (That's what it's been named). I'm tickled pink. I'm using Wendy's Generic Toe-Up pattern, and it's not that hard! I did have to change needles because it was really loose when I tried it on after starting out with US 2. I've now switched to US 1 and am loving every stitch! Yay! Also, I have researched easier to methods, as the toe on #1 sock looks like a toe, but a rather ugly one due to my inability to do short rows. I'm scared for the heel, folks - really I am.

Third, I'm going to have to give up some things in order to maintain sock yarn... Scratch Tickets and unnecessary new clothes for myself must go. Boo.

Fourth, I've met a lot of new people on Plurk, and I am enjoying the conversations and the knitty-speak! It is rather fun, rather time consuming, and rather inspirational! I really enjoy the camaraderie that goes along with being with a group of knitty-folk. Because I am the only one in my circle of friends that knits, and there's not a big knitting community locally, it's something I've never had before and all I can say is: "Me likey."

Fifth, and final. I don't often talk about my depression and anxiety troubles. Partly because it's my business, and partly because it's not exactly like you get awards for having either problem! (Please laugh at that - I am!) I know that knitting helps with my problems - it's a good way for me to focus on something else other than what's wrong. I think that's why I like garter stitch - mindless, mindless and more mindless. I also know that when I surround myself with good things, most importantly people, I feel better. I know that people who are consistently angry bring me down, and while I won't swear them off, I know better than to talk to them daily. People who can be sympathetic to my situation are a huge help as well. Many of my friends understand that when I'm upset I need to feel supported - and not alone. So after rambling for a few sentences, I want ya'll to know that I can overcome anything!! My good friend Frank always reminds me that after 10 years of being a military spouse, 5 of that being a Special Forces wife, I am a strong woman capable of tackling anything life sends my way. I need to stop "knowing" this and start "living" this.

Ok, so maybe there is a sixth.. I've got some fun new (well, new to me) knitting books for weekend pool side reading! Wendy J, EZ and Cat Bordhi. Yay for me!

I know that this blog post was a bit deeper than most (in some ways, anyway) but some times it's good to just let it out!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Thursday!

I have been on Plurk waaaay to much this week. I see dancing bananas in my sleep.

BUT - I do love my little group of friendly Plurkers. They can be a source of inspiration, knowledge and laughs. I could go on about this, but I'll stop... You should just go and see it for yourself!
At any rate, Ms. Madelini has been gone all week to her dad's. (Hence the maniacal Plurking) I do miss her when she is gone, so in honor of her, I'm going to put up my favorite picture!
Well, one of my favorites, anyway! Whew, my hair was super short, and super blond as well. Although she is a pistol, she can be such a patient child. When I'm having a bad day - that's all I have to tell her and she proceeds on with little to no complaint!
I've suffered through depression off and on, and it breaks my heart for her every time. I'm not the fun mommy - I'm the mommy who sits at home when I get like that, and I'm not exactly happy, either. She always manages to break through the grey for me and helps me see all of the wonderful things that surround me.
I think it's a gift that children are given. They have this magical way of showing you things you've never seen before - a pig made of clouds, a monster in a rock, or just the simple happiness there is to be had in the world.

I love my M.R.E.S.

PS - I'm posting a picture of purple lupins - my mother and Madelini are obsessed with them!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun Stuff For All!

So I've found a few fun items this week that I felt I should share! Considering that I had the most bizarre week, I figured that finding new ways to amuse myself would be down right healthy.

And if you were wondering about my Friday - it' wasn't all that bad. I woke up feeling perky for some unknown reason. I got a ton done at work, partly because I chose to stay late and enjoy the silence and the ability to formulate a complete thought, but partly because I chose to laugh in the face of the nuclear bomb that was dropped on me.

I found this little movie and felt like it did a good job to sum up my week. I had some family issues going on as well, but for the sake of their privacy, I've not really talked much about it. I would, however, like to say two things:

1. I am glad that Dr. Frankenstein worked his magic on my step dad - he's very important to us
2. My heart aches for my uncle. My Aunt died very suddenly this week..
Alrighty. Now that I have that off of my chest, let's continue with the fun!
For those of you who are on Ravelry, I am MsKnottyknits. I've been real lucky with that name, by the way. I've managed to get it on gmail, blogspot, Ravelry, and flickr. My new fun thing is
Plurk! I am an avid WendyKnits reader, and when I saw her talking about it - I just had to check it out. It's really quite cute, and I am enjoying it in an obsessive way. I think that everyone should go and check it out. It was so easy to set it up, it takes maybe 5 minutes. And there are lots and lots of people (and by that I mean knitters) on there! It's kind of like blogging on the go. I'm digging it and so will you - I promise!
I also found a RAL (read along, hehe) over at TLE on Ravelry. We are reading The Historian. I'm loving the book, peeps!! It's really a fun read, and we're really only doing about 8 Chapters a week for discussion purposes, so it's gonna be really easy to keep up. Yay! Oh and let me just say that Bellamoden has made up a kit that includes a special yarn for the RAL, a bag and some stitch markers. I had to get one to commemorate a few things:
1. Being more active on Ravelry
2. My goal of learning to knit socks. I have decided that this will be the yarn I use for my second pair. I thought about using it for my first, but I'm not so sure I should use a super nice yarn.. I am going to check out Knit Picks and see what they have, as their prices are really reasonable. Through my good times with knitting up strawberries and eggplants (pictures later, pictures later) I really feel like I have a good grasp on DPNs and am pretty confident that as long as I can follow the directions, have a bit of patience, and get a good guide, I'll be straight.
Ok, I've gotta go keep up with the goings on in Plurk land. Go and join Plurk! I promise you will like it!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I want a new drug...

Or how about a do-over on the month of June....

Want me to start at the beginning?
Lord, kids, I haven't posted in a while... Not because I haven't wanted to, but because it's been crazy stupid insane around here. It all started last Thursday...

I’m a creature of habit in a bad way folks! Last Thursday I traveled to Jacksonville, NC to see my staff at Camp LeJeune. At any rate, I had to get up early, didn’t have time for my normal routine in the morning (wake, coffee, email, news, shower, prep travel mug, leave house). Didn't get to do that... Woke up a bit late (had to be moving 45 minutes earlier than usual - not good. I'm not a morning person.) I had NO hot water. None. Took a cold shower. No Fox News for me. No email checking. No blog reading. Nadda. I did have a blast with my friend Heather! She works for a partner company of mine and we laughed all day. (I like working with Heather, can you tell?) At any rate, by the time I got home at 5, I was tired and cranky.

Friday - not too bad. Put out fires all day at work, and got nothing productive accomplished. Yay!

Saturday - The day of many birthdays. First, Maddie's very first BFF had her 9th birthday party. It was a pool party. Yay! I had to see a bunch of other mothers that drive me bonkers, but I did good - I knit! After the party, I picked up Ice Cream Cake (Carvel - my favorite) and some sushi, came home and did birthday #2 for Junior. I heart Junior bunches.. (More on that another day.) I will, however tell you that these other mother's that I don't particularly enjoy are condescending and ugly, so I'm not being petty. It simply stinks to high hell that our kids like each other. Well, I take that back. It's too bad they can't be like their super sweet children!

Sunday - Eh. Whatever... I felt like junk in the morning, and by the time I felt better physically, I had no desire do go out and run errands, so the Madster and I just chose to take a day of rest. We even took a nap. There is something about snuggles that always make a person feel better, no matter what's going on.

Monday - Downright day of suckage. Pure suckage. Not only had my boss decided to assign me the impossible Friday afternoon, but when I completed it by noon, it wasn't what he wanted. Apparently being able to get water from a rock is somewhere in my job description. As I was leaving, the worst possible thing happened. Seriously.

My favorite travel mug – a Longaberger one (yeah, way too much $$) – took a nose dive out of my bag yesterday as I was leaving work and broke.. So distraught was I that I just kept on walking, thinking that some mythical elves would come during the night and make everything better.

Tuesday - I find out elves don't really exist. I slogged to work today with the mug on the left. I don’t even know how I came into possession of this mug, but I certainly have figured out why, because I now have spots of coffee on my linen pants! (Lids are supposed to keep beverages IN the cup, just so ya’ll know) I’ll be searching for a new fabulous travel mug. If anyone knows of an outstanding mug, please let me know…. I’ve shed a tear and given the mug it’s last rites and have lovingly placed it in the trash can beside my desk.

And look what Maddie and I saw while we were walking to the car!

First, I walked a bit closer and took this picture. Stood for a moment and watched.

Then they got interested in some crazy lady taking pictures. And came after me. Seriously. To the point that Madster was freaking out. And to be honest - so was I.

These suckers move fast. They went from 15 feet away to about 5 feet in a milli-second (ok, well, not so fast, but you get my point) And they honk while they walk. I love me some Canadian Geese, but I thought they were going to attack me. Yes, I did. Could you imagine showing up to work with part of your thigh missing?

For real, no big deal, it's just a duck bite, I'll be fine.

Wednesday - Job fairs are not fun! I do not recruit. I don't like it, my girlfriend Beth does a great job at it from her perch high above St. Louis, but it's simply not my schtick. At any rate I go to the job fair at 8am and leave at 4 pm to return home with no new leads on employees. I refuse to do another one that takes up my whole day. Bottom line (and go figure) - I need to higher Doctors. They don't go to job fairs! Does boss understand this? Nope. Does he take my word for it? Well, no, because I went to the f*&^#&* job fair. Why would someone who makes over $90K a year go to a job fair? Unless it's geared towards them, they aren't going anywhere near it. Why would they? Then again, I am kinda cute and would like to hire them..

Thursday - Day two of 100+ temperatures. Do I really need to say more? I did manage to go to dinner with my super duper friend Gabe. I love her to bits. Madster was with her daddy-o, so Gabe and I went to dinner. Then I talked her into getting her nose pierced, so we drove across town to our favorite tattoo shop, Cross Creek Tatto. Billy was going to do it, but he was working on a tat, and we would have been in a food coma when he was done. I'll share more on Gabe's nose later. (Yes, my nose is peirced. I would never encourage someone to do something I haven't done myself)

How about I just leave you with pictures of myself. With purple hair. Maybe I'll even point out the nose ring just for kicks.

It's right there - in the corner of my nose. A petite and mild mannered diamond stud. It's fun stuff kinds. And don't worry - while I love the purple a lot it was only temporary. Thanks Wendy! (And please overlook the shine on my nose..)