Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun Stuff For All!

So I've found a few fun items this week that I felt I should share! Considering that I had the most bizarre week, I figured that finding new ways to amuse myself would be down right healthy.

And if you were wondering about my Friday - it' wasn't all that bad. I woke up feeling perky for some unknown reason. I got a ton done at work, partly because I chose to stay late and enjoy the silence and the ability to formulate a complete thought, but partly because I chose to laugh in the face of the nuclear bomb that was dropped on me.

I found this little movie and felt like it did a good job to sum up my week. I had some family issues going on as well, but for the sake of their privacy, I've not really talked much about it. I would, however, like to say two things:

1. I am glad that Dr. Frankenstein worked his magic on my step dad - he's very important to us
2. My heart aches for my uncle. My Aunt died very suddenly this week..
Alrighty. Now that I have that off of my chest, let's continue with the fun!
For those of you who are on Ravelry, I am MsKnottyknits. I've been real lucky with that name, by the way. I've managed to get it on gmail, blogspot, Ravelry, and flickr. My new fun thing is
Plurk! I am an avid WendyKnits reader, and when I saw her talking about it - I just had to check it out. It's really quite cute, and I am enjoying it in an obsessive way. I think that everyone should go and check it out. It was so easy to set it up, it takes maybe 5 minutes. And there are lots and lots of people (and by that I mean knitters) on there! It's kind of like blogging on the go. I'm digging it and so will you - I promise!
I also found a RAL (read along, hehe) over at TLE on Ravelry. We are reading The Historian. I'm loving the book, peeps!! It's really a fun read, and we're really only doing about 8 Chapters a week for discussion purposes, so it's gonna be really easy to keep up. Yay! Oh and let me just say that Bellamoden has made up a kit that includes a special yarn for the RAL, a bag and some stitch markers. I had to get one to commemorate a few things:
1. Being more active on Ravelry
2. My goal of learning to knit socks. I have decided that this will be the yarn I use for my second pair. I thought about using it for my first, but I'm not so sure I should use a super nice yarn.. I am going to check out Knit Picks and see what they have, as their prices are really reasonable. Through my good times with knitting up strawberries and eggplants (pictures later, pictures later) I really feel like I have a good grasp on DPNs and am pretty confident that as long as I can follow the directions, have a bit of patience, and get a good guide, I'll be straight.
Ok, I've gotta go keep up with the goings on in Plurk land. Go and join Plurk! I promise you will like it!!


She Knits Socks said...

I'm sorry you've been having some rough days lately. But I'm happy about your plans to knit socks. There are lots of pretty patterns on Ravelry.

(Your purple hair is cute. I like it.)

She Knits Socks said...

Thanks for your comment. I will investigate the "Plurk"ing this evening.