Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Love Reading Certain News Websites...

Because some of the news is utterly useless and at times bizarre. That being said, I am a HUGE fan of Fox News. Love it... Can't live with out it. If you visit the FoxNews website, you have the opportunity to read a plethora of not so news worthy articles.
Now. Don't think that I delight in the pain of others, because I do not. What I marvel at is the fact that the most obscure news stories manage to make it into National News. For those of you who have been to this website, you know that if you scroll down past the article you are reading, you find a box on the right containing the "Most Read" Headlines that weren't listed on the home page. It's the titles that get me every time!

Today, for your reading pleasure we have:
"Medics Face Sack After Taping Removal of Canister From Man's Buttocks" - relevant to your daily life and necessary in order for you to remain up to speed on your current events - seriously.

What should amaze all of us is the fact that it's a "Most Read Headline"!!! Are you serious??? I'm laughing at myself, and the rest of the readers who have turned this article into something that qualifies for "Most Read". That means me and millions of others have nothing better to do with our morning than read all about some poor individual and his unlikely predicament with a canister of perfume....

I love Fox News. My friend Toby and I comment to each other almost daily on the crazy stories that are on there and giggle the entire way through at the ridiculous goings on in the world and our own fascination with strange stories. I love Toby dearly - she's just as cynical as I am and it makes me happy.

Just wait until I rant one day about world politics - she and I come up with the best plans, yet strangely, Washington isn't listening... God only knows why that is!

Thank God for Thursday... Cause tomorrow's Friday!!!

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