Monday, April 21, 2008

And We're Moving On To Cat Hair

Holy toledo batman, I think I have the hairiest cat EVER. Ok, so maybe not really, but I certainly do feel like it! The cat, Two Fingers, likes to participate in a multitude of activities! Among them are:

  1. Playing evil tricks on Megan while she is sleeping.

  2. Running through the house flinging around the $38 make up brush

  3. Sitting directly in front of the Wii remote so that it fails to work and it ruins the game.

  4. Waking up children WAY before it's time for them to get up.

She's a crazy cat. CRAZY... I could go on for hours at the bizarre escapades that she embarks on, but that's for another day. Today my problem is CAT HAIR.

Knitting a dishchloth (yup, still on the kick) I notice that tiny puffs of white were wrapped around the yarn at odd times.. Huh? It called for further inspection.

CAT HAIR. Oh yes. Princess Two Fingers is shedding and my cotton yarn is picking up stray fluffs of it. NICE. I must say she is completely trained to stay away from yarn and knitted objects, which is GREAT, because when I'm running late and leave projects out around the house, I return to find them in an unadulterated state but... I don't think I can escape the cat hair....

She sure is purdy though, and I do love her... I just wish she enjoyed her "Furminator" as much as I do!

Here she is, on her favorite place. And when I sit in the chair and knit (it's my place to do knitting) she likes to act like my hair is a toy and tries to play with it.

I love her dearly.


She Knits Socks said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my socks. You will be able to make socks soon, I bet.

Princess Two Fingers must be a really smart cat to be trained to stay away from your knitting projects. My dogs are terrible about my knitting. More than once I have found a sock with the bamboo needles chewed out!

Cursing Mama said...

Did you see the link Chris put in my comments for the toe up sock tutorial on line? Might be just what challenged sock knitters need.