Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm blogging today just to prove a point.


I know you hear me.

I'm going to completely bust myself out here. I started these socks over one year ago.

I have determined that I shall finish them before the summer is over (which, in my mind is Monday, the Federal Holiday - don't argue). They are indeed Nanner Socks, by Wendy Johnson. I'm sure if she saw this post I'd be getting the look for being a misbehaver and allowing socks to languish OTN for this long.

I can handle it though. She knows I don't behave very well.

I've got to go and eat German Food now with my peeps.

What a hard life, eh?


Yarndude said...

Oh, I'm sure you can get those done by Monday. I have a sock languising in my drawer that I started last June and I'm only to the heel flap on the first one! (I took out the needles months ago to knit a pair of mittens, so these socks aren't even "OTN").

Cookie said...

People knit socks? :?

Yeah, good luck with Opal and the blog thingy. *L*


Opal said...

yeah yeah yeah... plbbbt.

if you finish those socks by monday, i'll start blogging again. how's that for a challenge?

Zonda said...

Yes, you can do eeet!! heh..just frogged 3/4ths of a sock the other day that was that old. Now hmm I have 2 cuffs...yes 2 cuffs that are 2 years old..sad huh! (long story, tell you next time when we really eat German food ;)

Hattie said...

Oooh I need to knit another pair of those!

Daniele said...

They are looking great! You can doooo eeeeet!

I am missing Opal myself!!