Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's been a while, I know...

Shame on me, and not the yarn this time.

Kids, I've been busy! Mini-Me and our good friends went to Washington DC for a long weekend, and had a great time. We even got a private tour of the capitol, courtesy of Senator Enzi's office. (I'm not from Wyoming, a friend of a friend is) It was a really neat tour, and his staff was wonderful. The rotunda was one of my favorite places.

My other favorite? The Museum of Natural History. My inner nerd had a field day, and the children had a blast. I would show you pictures, but I haven't gotten them off of the camera yet. Yes, I know, it's been two weeks. (Ya'll know I'm not that quick, eh?)

So what else? Well, dinners with great friends, a great motorcycle ride, a race (NASCAR Style - hey, the tickets were free), a fabulous Dave Matthews Concert, more dinners with friends, and very little time for much blogging.

I would say that the craziness is over for now, but we all know that would be a lie.

Here's a funny for you.

Maddie: Dad, I'm really worried about mom.
Ex: Why, what's wrong?
Maddie: I think she's really depressed.
Ex: What's been going on, Maddie?
Maddie: Well, she's not been making yarn.

Hah! I have been spinning, just so ya know. This is from the CJ Kopec Spin-A-Long. The color is Midnight Desire. I think it looks like Black Cherry Soda, don't you?


Zonda said...

Hehe..kinda sweet Maddie worried about you! Whew, you've had a busy few weeks! Pretty handspun, love the color!

Opal said...

i just love the picture of the rotunda!

Daniele said...

You've been busy having a lot of fun!! I too love the museum. Can't wait to see the pics, whenever they become available. ;)

Cookie said...

You better get back to spinning, so she'll stop worrying.