Sunday, January 11, 2009

So what else is new??

I know.. Megan posting on her blogs seems kinda new, right? As in where the hell have I been?

Well, life gets in the way sometimes. Basically, I have allowed work and life to suck the life out of me. Not good! It seems like for the last couple of months if my personal life hasn't been in shambles, work has. I have a bad habit of letting life get the best of me, and that's a bad thing. (I can see all of you, nodding in agreement - it's ok, I am nodding too) At any rate, a huge part of me just wanted nothing to do with blogging, because I felt like I would have to go and kind of re-live my craptastic day, and no one wants to hear about that!

Moving on! I have been having fun as of late. Here - I'll give you a quick run down:
  1. I went to NH for Christmas. It was cold but it was still fun. (Wild turkeys - need I say more?)
  2. Although I am missing her dearly, I had a fun time helping my favorite hippie move home to Massachusetts. Her going away party was oodles of fun.
  3. I'm preparing to teach my first knitting class. (Please, share your experience!)
  4. My chihuahua is staying with Mini-Me and I for the next two months. (He's the son I didn't give birth to)
  5. I had the winning name in a "Name The Yarn Contest" - Paca Peds "Purple Rain". (Go check it out and buy a skein - think of me when you do!)
As for the prior blog post, in which I begged for suggestions here's what has happened:
  1. Cabana Boy still remains elusive. I have high hopes that he's out there some where, I just have yet to find him and draw him into my madness.
  2. The Christmas knitting went awry. The only one I accomplished was a hat for my sister. Mom's socks are still in progress, the hippie's beret is still in progress, and there is still yarn with names attached hoping to be used for next Christmas. (I will never knit for the holidays again unless I can complete it in a week or less. Period.)
  3. I am going to share my pictures from SAFF. Seriously. I had a good time. I will go back next year.
On a VERY important note, I still have 2 skeins of yarn waiting to be claimed. RaeInWa, please let me know where to send your yarn, girl! If anyone knows this lovely knitter, please tell her to get in touch with me!

And now for some pictures. Enjoy. (I don't know why they look funky, and I'm not sweating it either - normally I do.)


Yarn Tails said...

I know what you mean about having crappy days. Hope things get back to normal for ya! Love the yarn.

I am trying something new this year. Blogging every single day. So far so good. I just wanna see if I can do it or not.

Have a great week!

Daniele said...

ooooh! Look at all the goodies!!!

Also, the cabana boy has been at my house. I'm not ready to give him up yet.....

P.S. - Don't tell Paul....

Cookie said...

I had hoped you had run off with the cabana boy...

Opal said...

i like the eye candy. next time, can you please provide linkage? pretty please? with a cherry on top?