Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It kept me up until 1 am!!

So yesterday, I get home from work and find this!!!

First, let me tell you, that there was another box from my mom filled with pretty little things for me and for Mini-Me, but I knew what was in this box, so sorry mom - yours had to wait.


My Plurk Bud, Akamai Knitter had offered to send me a drop spindle - and I only accepted once she gave me her address so that I could send her a box of treats in return.

I NEVER expected to get roving - which is beautiful! I had a quivering chin folks. Opal and I met through Plurk and now visit each other through blogs, plurk and email. I enjoy our conversations a lot - she sees things in the same way that I do. And, bonus - she lives in Hawaii - one of my favorite places on earth! Oh, and wait - can you say pearl stitch markers????

Here is a close up of the spindle top and the pretty yarn that was still attached to it!

For real, folks - quivering chin turned into tears. Opal's generosity has blown my mind! After I had completed gushing and ooooo-ing, and saying thank you about 3 million times via Plurk, I opened up my box from Nanna Cassidy. More on that later - for some reason I can't upload a picture. (Boo!)

Once I had calmed down, I sat with good ole' Youtube open and figured out ho w to get my new buddy to spin - and I got it after about the third try! I think I went crazy with excitement and the sheer joy of it. I admired it for a while... I put it gently on my table and walked away. I finished off Opal's goodies, and then laid down. I could hear the spindle calling my name. I got up, put it in the box it came in and laid back down. It started screaming for fiber. I put it in the hall closet and shut the door. The spindle then started clunking around in the closet and screaming "Try me!" It was awful. It was gut wrenching to lay in bed trying to watch Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern's when the spindle clearly crying out for attention.

I got up, pulled up some more YouTube videos, and gave it my best shot. At 10:45 at night. I can tell you that I did have issues (ha ha - go figure) - mainly with the concept of letting the twist travel up the yarn and how to ply and twist, so it's not pretty, but there is a wee bit of yarn on the spindle this morning. I will not be picturing the yarn, however. It is simply too pathetic to share with Blogland - or Plurkville for that matter. But I am proud, and freakin' exhausted today! My new buddy kept me up until 1am!

Please check out Opal's blog!! She is spinning up some seriously delicious yarn. Rumor has it, ahem, that she will soon be opening an Etsy store. I'll keep ya'll posted on the grand opening. Well, then again, maybe not, because if you don't check it out soon enough, I will have bought everything.


Opal said...

I am so glad you liked my little package! I was worried that the spindle might have been too big for your liking. Also you need to find a video on how to predraft the fiber to make spinning it easier. Predraft baby! It's the only way to go!

Daniele said...

Opal is a wonderful friend. Yarn people are the friendliest I know. I too agree with Opal's comment on the pre-drafting, and I add - keep that first skein of yarn, no matter how awful it looks. Sentimental value, you know.

Also - plurk is a bomb! I'll be plurking yous..., and thanks for being my plurkey friends!

Daniele aka mscreate.typepad.com

Miss Knotty said...

Love those colors in the roving! Do you know where she got that or if she carded it?

Don't worry about your first skein. Call it Designer and spin on. Hope you're enjoying learning, and welcome to the spinning populace!

tata said...

Someone from the knitting get-together I went to tonight offered to loan me her drop spindle! I just met her tonight!!! I'm really excited and imagine it will call to me in the same way yours called to you.