Saturday, July 26, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it!
Saturday, I went down to my LYS and met a great lady, Meg! She is a spinner/weaver/brand new knitter! I got to try out a beautiful little spindle, which spun on forever! It was really neat! She also let me spin on one of her wheels! It was great fun. She has her very own sheep, and brought her very own wool! It was very interesting to talk to her and learn more about the entire process.

I've been plugging away at the colonial wool that Opal sent! I finally managed to finish it up tonight and here's what it looked like on the spindle:And here is what it looked like after I wrestled it off:
Mental note #5,432,738 - a Niddy Noddy will be a good purchase.
Mini-Me and I managed to finagle her desk chair into becoming a stand in swift/winder. She turned the chair while I kept the tension and controlled the spindle.
It's currently hanging up in the bathroom after a wee bit of a soak. It still has some kinks in it - not very severe, just some rolling hills. I tried weighting it down more, but it really didn't seem to help much. Perhaps when I get it into a ball it will decide to behave! I will be utilizing this yarn for the 2008 Ravelympics! I'm pretty excited about it. I have no clue what my yardage is - I'm guessing maybe 100, but who knows. I would like to try and do a funky sort of hat - kind of like this. Maybe using a generic wool for the underside, then my wool for the top. Hmmm. Any suggestions? I'm open!
I'm going to spin up this beautiful roving that I picked up from FlawfulFibers. It's BFL and sooo soft I just want to wear the roving itself - it oculd pass as a scarf, right? The colorway is Siouxsie. (The bright gold spots you see don't exist in real life - POS camera)
Anyway, my goal for this roving is to just get it spun up. Period. If I manage to knit something with it - super. If not, oh well! If you are participating in the Ravelympics and are not on a team - why not Team Splurk? Plurkers knitting with handspun or spinning up fiber. It will be fun, and we will emerge victorious!

Have I missed anything? Hmmm... Oh! I made this for Frankie. It's his birthday in August. I'm hoping this keeps his balding head (uh-huh, I said it) warm while he's off keeping us safe. It's called the Utopia Cable Hat, and you can get the pattern here. Oh yeah! And I'm almost done my first nanner sock! Woot! Woot! It's been taking a while, but it's my travel project, so I'm ok with that

I think that's it for now! The pillow is calling my name, and I think I may have overloaded you guys with all of these crappy pictures. Hope the remainder of your week is a good one!


Opal said...

Your yarn and hat look fabulous! How wonderful that you got to spin on a wheel. Here's to hoping you get to own one soon. :)

tata said...

You have been busy! I so look forward to learning how to spin :)

Daniele said...

I'm back... Actually, I read your blog earlier and was going to post a comment, but took your link to Team Splurk and was thrown down the rabbit hole for awhile! What a great idea. I haven't figured everything out yet, but I started a "new" project with the team logo. I'll have to do more research tomorrow. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Team Splurk Captain!

Lovely BFL roving. You are doing a great job with the spinning. I always found a spindle harder than my wheel, but you seem to be flying along. Go you!

Daniele aka
aka landapugs on ravelry and plurkey bud!

She Knits Socks said...

Great job on the spinning! I love that color.

The hat looks warm. I hope he likes it.

(I can't seem to carve out time for Plurking. Too much else to do.)

She Knits Socks said...

Thanks for your comment and for your suggestion. I'll look into it!

Andreapgn said...

I agree you could totally wear that roving as a scarf! Awsome colors.