Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Some how, I managed to purchase these little lovelies over the Labor Day weekend. (I may or may not have stalked a certain website until they had them posted, but that's not to be discussed .)

No buyer's remorse here!

I've got 5 skeins. Wanna help me figure out what to do with them?

Yep. I'm torn.

I'm still in love with Tom Brady, though.


Zonda said...

Ooh it's pretty and I now know where you live haha! Not sure if this is a style you like but check out Margo or Girl Friday, which I think would look good on you..well you know if you like that kinda sweater ;) Great score!

Cookie said...

It needs to be huge big lace.

And you deserve better than Tom Brady. There is no way he would/could ever be good enough for you.

Opal said...

i want to snorgle that big bowl of love.

Daniele said...

Nice yarnies!!! I agree with Cookie, big lace or a snuggly cowl, hat and mitts!