Thursday, September 24, 2009

Check out My New Buddies!

Aren't they cute? I've decided to name them Ed and Laura. Just because I can.

After the Tour De Fleece was over, the spinners from Team Cranky Pants decided to give out our own prizes! My prize ended up traveling many miles to Heidi. As a surprise thank you, she sent me hand felted sheep! They are incredibly cute and are currently grazing on my night stand.

Thank you so much, Heidi!

Mini-Me has asked me to share with you all that she is now the proud owner (god help me) of a cello! Her school offers Strings to all 5th graders, and every since I asked her about it, she's told me she wanted to play the cello! Yesterday, we went to the music store and picked one up.

Personally, I would have preferred her to play a smaller instrument, such as the violin, however, she's been so jazzed up about the cello, that I just had to let her try. I did make it a point to show her how much smaller the other option was, but then it occurred to me that I was stealing her joy.

How dare I do such a thing! I'm already the kill joy who enforces laundry folding, bathroom cleaning and various other tasks, why not just let her do what she wants for once without my practical input?

After all, she's the one who has to tote it to and from school. Not to mention up and down three flights of stairs. ;-)

Crazy boy Frankie comes home on Saturday, which is nice. It can be rather hard running two households, working full time and trying to live. More importantly, spin and knit like obsessed person that I am!

Speaking of knitting, I'm almost to the end of the main pattern for the Oyster Bay Shawl. She-Who-Knits-Like-Lightning started this week. I don't even dare ask how far along she is. Opal and I are just about at the same place, which has been a neat discovery! I think she may have surpassed me while I was sleeping though.

I wanted to be selfish and demand that no knitting while I'm sleeping, but that would be mean and I don't want to do that to my girl Opal.

And one more thing...

Tomorrow is Friday. Yee-freakin'-haw, ya'll!

PS - Heidi has a really cool store full of fiber. Go look now. You will not be disappointed.

PPS - Her products aren't currently on line. Totally safe for those of you with a fiber diet. I will, however, ask her to give me a note when she has items for sale. (Seriously, her stuff pretty!)


Carrie K said...

Ed and Laura are adorable.

A cello! Excellent! Personally, if I hear another flute note, I'm not going to be responsible for my actions.

MsKnottyKnits said...

comment naow.

Cookie said...

So cute!


I am so happy for your daughter and the cello, and proud of you for letting her find out for herself if cello is for her or not.


Opal said...

i lurve ed and laura. from their names to the top of their little ears!

yay for mini-me and her beauitufl music to be!

Zonda said...

awww Ed and Laura are too cute, they need to meet my pal Charlotte ;) Hehe...shewhoknitslikelighting. Hey you didn't tell me you know who comes home this weekend ;) Iffin you need a babysitter LMK!

Yarndude said...

What cute little sheep! And trust me, the sounds of a beginner cellist far surpass those of a beginner violinist. She made the right choice.