Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm So Speshul, I fergot to Title This Post.

First things first, a close up of the Oyster Bay shawl. Cookie and Opal have been so helpful and encouraging! Thank you so very much my ladies!

Here's a close up of how things are going. Thank sweet jeebus that double decreases look better after blocking.

Hopefully, I will be to the next chart by the end of the week. These rows are getting rather long, so don't hold your breath or anything! I brought it to work for some telephone knitting, and let's just say that it will be staying home. Getting two rows done just to tink back 1.5 rows is not ok.

Just because I can, I started a new spinning project this weekend. Here's an out of focus, yet sparkly picture of what I'm playing with. It's called Barrow Owl, and it's from the Enchanted Knoll Happy Hooves Batt Club. It's insanely soft. You get a total of 6 oz, spread out among 3 batts. I've got one almost spun up, and I'm going to have to debate what to do next.

I thought ahead enough to spin it thin enough for a thicker 3-ply, or thin enough for a dk weight 2-ply. My plan is to use this on something for myself.


Yes. And I like it like that.

I hope that everyone had a restful weekend. If it wasn't restful, well then, take Monday off. Tell them I said you could.



Hattie said...

That batt is goooooorgeous. Love the shawl too, I can't wait to see all 3!

Zonda said...

Oooh looking good, yeah, don't think it'll be good out of the house knitting ;) Gorgeous batt, good thing you hid it from me the other nite ;)

Yarndude said...

I love the way your shawl is turning out. And I think I *will* take tomorrow off, just because you said I could.

Cookie said...


Isn't it wonderful how the pattern lines up so well? I'm so thankful it does or I'd been in serious trouble by now. o.0


Opal said...

i see the sparklies! so pretty!

Daniele said...

The shawl is looking wonderful! You've gotten pretty far already.

As for the sparkly beauteous batt... well, I would definitely be making something for myself! Hugs.