Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Damn that Foosball!

Last night, I sat down to watch some Monday Night Football. My boyfriend Tom Brady was playing - I had to show my support, you know.

I had my shawl to knit on, my spritzer to sip on, and then all hell broke loose.

First, CB called. He's lucky I answered. (I'm not sure he knows of my Brady obsession yet.)

Then, my boys were messing up all over the place. They managed to win the game by one point, but FFS children! You cannot get mommy all riled up at 10:30 pm!

Mommy couldn't get to sleep until 12:30 am, and I had to put the lace down to yell at the television.

This simply cannot go on. Nail biters on a weeknight are unacceptable!

There. I feel better now.


Cookie said...

Brady? Really?!

Honey, we've got to talk about your taste men. Not that Brady is a man. Ick.

Wanna see the lace!

Zonda said...

hmmmm.... interesting evening ;) Hope the lace has survived!

Opal said...

Don't listen to Cookie! I love me some TB!

Daniele said...

Girl.... You really need to switch to golf or something. ;)