Thursday, September 10, 2009

Keep Moving Forward

There are times when life reminds you that although it may be a good life, it's some times a hard life.

Experience has taught me to be positive. If I can't be positive, then the only thing left to do is to move forward, and not stand still. I can't run from reality. I'd like to, but....

I'm the only one sailing my ship, and a ship without a captain is a ship that's drifting.

I've got a beautiful little lady on board with me, too. She's got her own ship, which I keep tethered tightly to mine, but Monday through Friday at about 8:15, she boards her own ship. I let the knot out of the rope and set her afloat on her own.
Most days, she is an excellent navigator. She sails her ship courageously, with honor, and integrity and makes me so proud.

Other days....
We just have to keep moving forward.

It's an honor to be her parent, ya'll.

I just some times wish she came with an instruction guide.


Cookie said...


Daughters are supposed to be a struggle. Didn't she tell you that? ;^)


Zonda said...

Ditto that last sentiment!! Sigh...wouldn't life be easier...for us ;)

Daniele said...

I just love that picture of yous. Such a sweetie! My son is 23 and I still wish he had an instruction manual - or at least a shut-off switch!!! ;) Hugs.