Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It's what I am looking forward to. My mum comes in tomorrow afternoon and we'll be leaving Thursday for an extended weekend out at Ocracoke Island. I'm very excited and looking forward to it.

Mean while, I've got some yarn that's busy drying itself in the evening sun. Wanna see?

360+ yards, 18 WPI, BFL in the "Camo" Colorway, purchased from Zarzuela's Etsy Store.

I've not really a clue as to what to spin next. I've got some alpaca lace weight that I'm working on, but I think that's going to rest for a bit. I'm tempted to play with another batt... What do you think?

I have one batt from Sugarbee Studios that is calling my name. It would be perfect to play with - it's got three colors in it, and I've been wanting to mess around with something that I can control how much color goes where, so maybe that will be next.

Well, never mind. Maybe has become definitely. In a matter of seconds.

Life happens that fast.

Here is what I have done! First, this didn't come as one big batt - it's actually four very finely carded batts. Makes life nice - very little prep required. (Unless you are me, of course)

So, I laid out the first batt, and set about ripping it into strips, keeping them all lined up so that I could keep them straight, and I separated the remaining batts in the same fashion. Aren't they pretty strips?

Now comes the tricky part. I want to keep the same color sequence. In my mind (which is laughable at this point), I want to spin this so that the spun singles have the same graduation in color as the batt. I'll do a two-ply, keeping the color sequence the same for each bobbin so that we can get some nice matchy matchy I think I'm going to Megan-proof this by getting out some baggies, and labeling them with a number. That way I'll always know who is on first. And who is on second.

I think.


Forget the fact that I could have weighed this fiber first. Ya'll know how I like to do that. Unfortunately, it's all pretty and separated and labeled.


Happy spinning kids!


Hattie said...

Oooooooh that's going to be GORGEOUS.

Zonda said...

First of all, have a great weekend! Oooh pretty batt!

Opal said...

yeesh. you're insane. ;-)

have a great weekend! *hugs*

Daniele said...

I swear, it's like you've been spinning for years. Also, if you go through the trouble of using the baggies, please take a picture. ;) Can't wait to see the color changes. And the camo is perfect.

Have a WONDERFUL time with Mom!

Maybe you should bring the spindle? /ducks

Learner Ros said...

Beautiful colours

Cookie said...


I can't wait to see how that spins up!