Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Wool overload, work overload, knitting overload, you name it, I haz it.

Because I am mentally overloaded as well, here are some pictures to make you happy. They make me happy, so why not share right?

This super soft, super squooshy yarn was spun up from a batt from Zarzuela. It's superwash merino, and it was really fun to spin.

I got so focused on trying to spin consistent that I threw caution to the wind and let this do what it wanted. It was so enjoyable! There's a bit over 100 yards there, and I think it needs to be a cushy cowl for someone.

This pretty periwinkle was spun up from a few batts that I got from my friend Meg. I have touched the sheep it came from, which is cool, IMO.

I had fun with this too - I spun right off of a corner of the batt and just let it to it's thing!

There is a bit of pink in here, which I like. It picked up some remnants of the dye left over from the prior fleece. It gets an A+ in my book!

This is fun stuff. Merino, silk and some sparklies!! I've got a full bobbin, and am working on the second.

If you are a spinner and haven't checked out CJ Kopec's Spin-A-Long, run there now. Quickly. That way you can play too!

It's spinning up pretty thin, and I'm hoping to get something between fingering and lace weight out of it. I may have a plan if it turns out!

Lastly, I'd like to share what I wore yesterday. In May. In North Carolina. I made sure everyone knew I was wearing WOOL.

Yeah, it's a bit blurry, and I look a bit tired. It was 8am folks. Note the coffee in my hand.

Mini-Me snagged the pic right before we walked out the door. She wants you all to know that I wake her up too early and that she was tired, hence the blurry shot.

At any rate, I managed to keep it on until around noon. When Cabana Boy came over around 730pm, I had it back on.


(Now you know why keep him around :-P)

Before I forget, Daniele sent me a lovely box full of fiber last week. Some of which came from her very own sheepy friends!! Thank you so very much, Daniele - I cannot wait to sit down and play!!

I have been knitting, but I can't show you. Mum reads the blog and she can't know. Luckily, mum is not on Ravelry yet. Hah!

PS - Still no USB cord for camera. Purchasing card reader shortly.

PSS - there's more handspun on the camera. Yes, it's ok to be scared for my sanity now.


Hattie said...

LOVE the first yarn, I just want to squish it!

Opal said...

i love both the yarns. you are rocking the spinning wheel!

you also look fabulous in your FLS!

TAC said...

My fav part of your modeling pic is the coffee in your hand. Your face looks like " Take the pic quick, I am tired and need to drink this!"

Daniele said...

You are so totally rocking that FLS!! Great picture!

Gorgeous fibery stuff of course. Loving the purpley skein.

Speaking of the cabana boy liking knitting, I remember just this morning complaining to Paul in the car on the way to work about why men don't like to knit or talk about knitting. Hell, they used to BE the knitters!!!

Of course, we have mostly always done the spinning part - because ...... well, because woman are excellent multi-taskers! Men... not so much. :)

Cookie said...


She Knits Socks said...

Love, love, love the FLS! Makes me want to try it!

We're anxious to see your other fibery things that are on your camera.

Zonda said...

Pretty, pretty, yarnz! You look mahvelous in your FLS (which I knew you would anyways!!