Saturday, March 21, 2009

Can There Be A Wool Stimulus Package?

Seriously, I'm in excitement heaven.

Here's a progress picture of my FLS. I'm tickled pink by the way that it has come out, thus far.

Currently, I am about 75% done with one sleeve. I have decided that knitting sleeves is not the most fun part of the sweater. Constantly having to move the body around while I knit is a drag, but I ought not to complain, as this sweater has gone much better than expected! I happened to show it off this weekend at A Row of Purls and everyone wants the pattern now.

I think Lori put it best... Baaa! Baaa! (Hey, at least it's a rockin' sweater!)

Moving on!

What is this, you ask? Well, obviously it's some handspun! This was spun by me on what will be my wheel in just about a week! Talk about stoked! I've been slowly paying this Ashford Traveller off, and this week, I should be able to take it home with me. I had really not planned on having it so soon, so I hadn't really let myself get too excited. Now, I can barely keep my head on straight.

There must have been something in the air this week in regards to wool, because I decided to join the CJKopec Spin A Long on Ravelry for April. I had planned on using my drop spindle, but yay for me - I'll be using a wheel! Spinners really should check out the Spin A Long - there are prizes involved - one for finished yarns, and for every 4 oz of fiber that you buy, you are entered into a drawing for a gift certificate.

I may have hit rock bottom when I ordered a batt from Sugarbee Studios, and some roving from Hungry for Handspun. I hesitate to mention the Silky Malabrigo I picked up on a super sale... nor the sock yarn that should be here any minute now from the Knitting Purls Sock Club. Or the yarn from Three Irish Girls.

Economic Stimulus Package my arse! It's been turned into Wool Stimulus Package here in the Smith household.


Zonda said...

Woohoo for you and your new wheel to be!! is a PIA to move the sweater around, but it'll be ok!

Opal said...

The wheel and the yarn on your wheel looks wunnerful. I am so EXCITED for you. :-D

Lori said...

Alright!!!! I'm so excited for you - the spinning looks great!!!!!!

(oh, and the FLS is beautiful, but you can totally understand why it's overshadowed by the wheel-news...)

Hattie said...

Yay for a wheel! I would be so excited. Heck, I WAS when I got my wheel. Love the sweater too. :)

Cookie said...

Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! New wheel!!! It will be the sister to my Ashford Traditional. :)

Baa Baa Baa... FLS