Saturday, February 14, 2009

Knit On!

This week was just one big crazy suck fest. From the Boss Man being in town, to having to stay the night at a friends because they are changing out the sprinkler heads it just sucked.

By the way, for those of you who live in Cumberland County, NC, be advised that the Fire Marshall is a twit. Apparently, the sprinkler heads in my condo had reached the end of their shelf life and needed to be replaced. Fair enough. Well! Any time you drain a sprinkler system, you are in violation of the county ordinance that states multi-family units must have a functioning sprinkler system in order for the units to be considered "habitable". Therefore and thusly, myself, mini-me, Two-Fingers and Chewi all had to evacuate the condo before 5:45 in the morning and could not return until 6pm. I could go on about what a pain it was, or how crazy Two Fingers got, or how little sleep I got, but I'm quite sure you can expound on your own here. For now, let's just keep it simple and call it Psychosis.

My needles finally came in so that I could start my FLS! I ended up changing my game plan and knitting a large on 7s, because the fabric knit with the 8s was icky. The 7s give me about 1-2 extra stitches per inch, and so I am just going to go with the large instead of the medium. Mind you, knitting with the 8s got me dead on gauge, but if you don't like something, you don't like something, right?

Here's a WIP shot!

I will say, that I had started this morning, with a 7s and the Medium. When I tried the yoke on, just before the second button hole, the neck seemed really small. Most FLS pictured on Ravelry have a neckline that is halfway between your neck and the edge of your shoulder. Mine was at the base of my neck. Granted, once washed the yarn may grow - but the yarn would have needed to "grow" almost a full inch to an inch and a half. That's a whole lot to ask from yarn, and quite frankly, I've been sickly, and not in the mood to mess around with crap, and so I just said to hell with it, and started over with a Large.

Am I just really anal retentive? Part of me thinks that I am, but part of me thinks that I ought to be - I want to wear the sweater and be happy. If I wasn't sold on it, I would have worn it and picked out every little thing wrong with it and would have been pissed off that I didn't get it the way I wanted it from the start. I had a great friend who helped me to see the light on this issue. She is my hero.

I'm in love with my sweater. How festive.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day. I'll be spending it with a few of my closest friends and enjoying every minute of their company.


Hattie said...

Ok, everyone and their mother is knitting this sweater and I'm feeling left out...though I still have a gorgeous tangled yoke sweater to finish...I really want to make one of these too!

Opal said...

your sweater looks marvelous! i'm just loving that color.

i think hattie should knit one with us, don't you?

Daniele said...

You are absolutely doing the right thing! Just one thing I thought of. Make sure you have enough yarn. If you are knitting the large now, you'll need 1150 yards, plus more because of the extra stitches you're putting in. Mind you, I only have 1100 yards, but I figure it can be a little short. I don't want you to end up half-way down the front and run out. I'm lookin' out for ya sistah!

Has Hattie cast on yet? :)

Zonda said...

Whoa, it's looking great! Yikes, now I think I need to try mine on! Sigh..

Cookie said...

You didn't wash your swatch?!