Thursday, October 9, 2008

Can You Follow The Fiber Buying Rules?

Rules? What rules? There are rules when it comes to buying yarn? Hey, and since when does Megan follow rules?

Yes, friends, there are now rules. Tragic, yes, but unfortunately necessary. The goal here, is purposeful spending. I know that it seems scary, and that there is a bit of heresy involved when it comes to not populating the stash, however, the rules allow for expansion and so I think I can live with it!

For your enjoyment and so that you can have a nice chuckle, here are the rules I am going to bravely attempt to adhere to (I believe that Akamai Knitter is going to be following these rules - 2 heads are better than one, ya know?):

1. Yarn purchases can be made when there is a purpose for it and you are ready to use it immediately. Gifts fall into this category. Yarn, say for a sweater, also falls into this category, HOWEVAH, you must be ready to knit the sweater right then and there.

2. Fiber/Yarn Clubs are allowed. One of each. When you take the time to add up the monthly expenses of a Club and then all of the Etsy/LYS buying, it is more than we realize. The Clubs will be the monthly treat. It's your yarn to play with, or, to set aside for a special project for someone.

3. You may not purchase fiber/yarn just because it's pretty. (This is the hard part). No matter how soft, how smooshy, how yummy or how silky, you just can't do it. The only exception is if you are following rule #1.

4. Fiber Festivals are different. They only rule is that you can only can only spend what you bring in - cash only. No trips to the ATM once you run out - not allowed. Credit cards don't count unless you can pay it off in full when you get the bill. (Which really means, don't bring the card.)

5. Recognize that your stash building efforts are by way of the Yarn/Fiber Club. You should remind yourself that pretty yarn/fiber comes once a month so do not fear!

6. If you valiantly support a friend on Etsy, you may continue to do so, within reason - say
, when they do an update. We must support those who support our addiction!

Can you see the rationalization behind this? For me to go on a complete fast would be asking too much. It would mean that when I fell off of the wagon that I would buy half of Etsy and have to feed Mini-Me ramen and ham sandwiches for a month, and I would feel incredibly guilty. So, rather than try to fast and fail, I'm going for purposeful buying!
  • The Yarn/Fiber Clubs replenish/build stash. (necessary to a knitter, no?)
  • The fact that you can buy yarn helps you resist the urge to spend a whole pay check on yarn.
  • Buying specifically for a project that you are absolutely ready to cast on for reduces the risk that the $80 bag of yarn will not languish in the back of the yarn bin.
Feel free to participate in the Fiber Buying Rules. If you need support, please drop myself or Akamai Knitter a note - we will help you, or you can just remind us that we are crazy for doing this!

Speaking of purposeful buying...

Mama's got a brand new bag!!! (Or two - maybe three if you count the one I didn't photograph!)

See? Big and Little! I think they are great. I love Le Sportsac. They last forever and have great prints. I have been carrying two bags. A purse and a knitting bag. What a PITA! Too fiddly. Too much to remember. Sooo.....

Now everything fits nicely into one bag, and I have a room to spare - either for a large project, work papers, a change of shirt (because I spill everything), you name it, I can get it in there! I love the fact that the purse is small and fits in the bag. Because I have a shoulder issue, small bags mean that I can't carry around two tons of fun. Having it kept in a larger bag means I carry the larger bag to the car, or into work, taking out the purse if I don't have the need for the bag! Plus, I got the bags at TJ Maxx, so I paid way less than retail. Smart, purposeful buying, no?

Two Fingers, because she is a curious lady, had to check it out. She has promised to stay out of the bag - at least when I am not looking! (Notice the red satin knitting bag, ahem.)


Yarn Tails said...

ummm I like your rules. Except for I am on a fiber and yarn diet of sorts. I have promised not to buy anything until I find another job or hubby gets a better one. Now with saying that he doesn't know about the bag of yarn that I bought today for a flag afghan and the pattern I purchased to make said afghan and before you ask no its not a gift for anyone. ;) shhhh dont tell!

Lisa said...

Love the bags! I hate having to be good on the fiber stuff. :(

Unknown said...

Good luck! I think your rules are interesting. I have been on a yarn fast for the past 6 months. I broke it once to buy some wool to spin. I have been fortunate to be gifted yarn by 2 dear friends.

Unknown said...

I try to make suggestions for purposes for the yarn I sell. Is that unfair collusion?

Zonda said...

Great rules, I will try to incorporate them myself ;) Love those bags!! Hmm...I'm off tomorrow, may check out TJ's

Jadielady said...

I am proud to say that (mostly) I follow these rules already. I am in 2 yarn clubs, but one starts next year, and since I don't spin I'm not in any fiber clubs.
I supported a friend on etsy earlier this week, and this weekend I am helping out a friend who is closing her store and therefore is having a 50% off sale. I'm doing it for her you see.

Daniele said...

Two Fingers is adorable! What's the story behind her name? Is she a gray (blue) persian? Beautiful kitty!

Also, I don't think I can follow the rules. I already saw myself buying yarn to cast on a sweater immediately, casting it on immediately, and then putting it aside to languish in the back of a closet.... Cheating, you say? There is a thin line!!

I do have to say, though, that most of my buying is purposeful only because Paul tries to keep track. Well, ok, I may take that back since Paul honestly doesn't know what I have... hidden. Maybe I should just stop right here... hee hee

Love the new bags! I just got a cute little one myself. Knitters are all about baskets and bags!! TGIF Megan!

Lori said...

Well, those rules are pretty much where I am anyway (though I'm calling it, "If you can't afford the yarn you love, love the yarn you're with!" rules...) so count me in for firm support :D

She Knits Socks said...

Interesting rules. Good luck with that. I'm on a See Yarn diet, See Yarn and buy it! Actually, since our sock yarn club is over, I haven't bought *much* yarn.

Opal said...

So far so good. There have been temptations, but I've stuck hard and fast to the rules. We can do it!

Love, love, love the bags. Mmm.

Jessica said...

Interesting rules. Much better than most that I have read. Starvation definitely leads to over-indulgence. Best of luck to you!