Thursday, April 9, 2009

Survey Says!

58% of you think that the overall crankiness I have been experiencing is due to a lack of Cabana Boy presence. (This could be true.)

There's a tie for attributing crankiness to lack of nookie and work. (This is most definitely true)

One person feels that the crankiness is due to lack of nookie with Cabana Boy. (I have no comment for this person at this time.)

One wise person thinks I'm not getting enough quality time with new spinning wheel. (I'd be much happier if my day consisted of nothing but spinning!)

Cookie thinks that I should have a mojito upon entering the house every day. The rest of you are ok with wine. (Personally, I am ok with both, hehe!)

Overwhelmingly, you all have decided that cookies are not enough to get you to take my place at the office. I do thank whoever offered a note, and to the special person who offered to kidnap me, take me on vacation with them so that we could look for Cabana Boys, spin, knit and drink wine. (God love you, Lori)

To the person who wanted to know what kind of cookies I'm going to make them, you now must email me. I have something for you. I cannot say what it is. (msknottyknitsATgmailDOTcom)

Happy Easter to all my peeps!

Oh crap. Apparently I ate all my peeps. Muahahahah!


loribird said...

LMAO about the Peeps!

Yep, we're gonna steal away.....

Zonda said... had to eat the peeps!

Cookie said...

Mojitos and wine? Ick!

Now I want Peeps. /sigh

Daniele said...

ROFL!!! :)