Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Now Serving..


What - you thought I cooked or something?

Your Blue Eyed Sister
4 1/2 oz. South African Fine - "Chocolate Blueberries" by Moonlightbaker
Approx 19 WPI and 448 yards

This was seriously fun fiber to spin, and my goal was for consistency - I think I did pretty well, all things considered! I ended up with three skeins - two big and one wee bitty.

I do have one question for my readers that spin - do you count WPI before or after you give your handspun a bath? Inquiring minds want to know.

Last but not least, we are also serving up one completely complete FLS! Buttons sewn on and lightly steamed to stretch the sleeves a bit during the season premier of Deadliest Catch. Consider me tickled pink.

Mini-Me had to try it on - just for fun. I think I could get away with going down to size 6 needles and knitting her an XXS - what do you think?

We're headed out of town for the weekend. Prospective Cabana Boy has a key if ya'll want to wipe out my stash.

(Don't you dare - I'll have to kick you in the shins. Seriously.)


Yarn Tails said...

I count before and after. It blooms after a bit.

That sweater is GORGEOUS!!

Zonda said...

Gorgeous handspun! gotta knit her one now! Have a great trip! :)

Opal said...

i count after.

gorgeous! just gorgeous! and of course m-m must have one too. it's the natural order of things. :P

Hattie said...

I don't count mine at all...bad me!

Daniele said...

WPI? What's WPI? he he he

Seriously, though, in Dani's world you just look at the yarn, decide what weight it looks like, and knit it up.

(I have a really neat WPI tool too, so it's not that I can't....)

The cabana boy is busy right now.....

Cookie said...

Lovely yarn and the sweater is wonderful!

You should take the cabana boy with you, honey. You don't want to leave them alone.