Saturday, January 24, 2009

'Ello Lovely!

I keep forgetting to share my pretty little friends that come in the mail! Not only am I going to share, but I feel the need to link some of them directly to a fun place to buy them from!

Clockwise from the left!

Whimzy Pinzy - Tippy Toes in Rainforest. Unfortunately the folks at Sonny and Shear had such a good sale it's all gone. I also linked you to the Whimzy Pinzy Etsy site, as I couldn't find a link to the colorway.

Tolkein - Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnista Sock Club. It's neat stuff - merino, bamboo and nylon, otherwise known as McClellan Fingering .

Mulled Wine - also from Three Irish Girls - Carys BFL. I'm smitten.

Ginger - Dizzy Blonde Studios. It's a beautiful copper semi solid. Super soft stuff! Warning - you have to stalk her Etsy store - it's that good kids!

Petit Fours - Three Irish Girls - Kinsale Merino Tencel. It's a 50-50 blend and very soft indeed.

In the center is yarn I named *ahem* from the Alpaca Yarn Company. You may all feel free to call it "Purple Rain." (I know I keep bringing it up, but it still makes me giggle!)

Enough pimpin'!

Oh wait, I take that back.

I also feel the need to yammer on in regards to Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnista. I REALLY liked how it's set up! You get a choice each month of 2 colorways - one that's more of a semi solid, and one that's nice and colorful! They also switch out base yarns which I like as well. As a knitter that is relatively new to sock knitting, it was nice to have options, and a good way for me to build my stash with a variety. I have determined that my personal favorite is the Cary's BFL which is a ginormous skein - 490 yards of superwash BFL and it's so very soft. If you are looking to join a club, I would say go for it on this one!

This year I am going to do a different club - Knitting Purls has gotten some Indie Dyers together and is doing their own sock club. It's six months, and there is a different dyer each month. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer! This month I ended up with another pretty from Dizzy Blonde Studios. Score!

Love, peace, and hair grease. I'm off to share some early Birthday cheer with Terri, whose day is on the 31st. Too bad Terri doesn't have a blog - I could pimp her out too!

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Daniele said...

Ello yourself!! Gorgeous yarnies! I'm kicking myself for not getting in on the sock club. Maybe next time. :)