Monday, February 2, 2009

Actual Knitting Content!

And here you thought I was just buying the goodies, eh?

I made this for my friend, Tipsy. It was her birthday over the weekend, and I had to make her something special. She's been wanting a hat, but she got a headband.

This is "Molly's Headband" (Ravel It!) and was originally published in an Interweave Knits collection called "Sweet Somethings". It was a really quick and easy knit. (Read: good stash buster that qualifies for last minute knit status.)

Mean while, back at the ranch...

Mini-Me and I visited Hollow Oak Farms this weekend and had a great time with our friend and fellow wool lover, Meg. It was a fun day - carding, picking, and playing with color. I really enjoy working with Meg. She's been working with fiber for years and is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. I think the fact that Sheep and Angora bunnies are in her back yard helped a bit too! We pet the sheep, turkey, bunnies and fed the chickens. Murphy (the doggie) was very sweet and enjoyed Mini-Me. The baby bunnies were too sweet! We brought them into the house for a bit of socialization.

It was hard not to take one home. Really hard.

Here is Mini-Me with one. I love their noses. I wanted to bring one home.

(Note the stack of fiber behind Mini-Me. Yessir, yessir, three walls full - top to bottom)

Meg has sheep! Although I didn't take pictures of them, she did have sheep we fed by hand and got to pet! The process of turning their fleece into yarn still amazes me. Meg is set up to completely process a fleece, although she does not shear them herself. It is truly a labor of love! I enjoyed learning about it - my brain weight has increased exponentially. (Which, you know, is an amazing thing as it is so large already. *ahem*)

The fabulous Opal and I are getting ready to take our voyage into the land of the February Lady Sweater, as previously stated. We should be started within the week. I suppose I should buy needles for it. That might help. I'm scared, folks. I'll just be honest. If it were not for my friends, I'd be to freaked out to knit it.

By the way, this is Murphy the Mastiff. He says hello.


D said...

Looks like a great time!

How old is Murphy? He looks young :)

As for the sweater? PUH-lease lady, you can SO do that!! Can't wait to see your progress!!!

Dani said...

says stupid blogger...
That's from me up there

Opal said...

the headband looks fabulous and your weekend sounds glorious. how envious am i?

of course you can do the sweater! it's just yarn! and i'll be right there with ya.

Daniele said...

Love the little bunnies!


Claire said...

I love Murphy!

Amalia said...

I heart Murphy! He's so cute.
How did you get out of there without a little bunneh?