Friday, January 23, 2009

Double Debbie Downier

Wine and some drugs. Seriously.

It's Friday. You know, TGIF and all that good stuff, right? Well, my quiet afternoon in the office turned into a moment of psychosis when I got a call from my landlord telling me that the condo below me had caught fire. Only after I started freaking out on him (I dropped a few f bombs like the poorly behaved young lady that I am) did he tell me it was on their deck, and that the fire men had to break into my outdoor storage unit just to check. Thanks buddy, you could have told me that FIRST!

At any rate, I came home to a scared puppy and a scared kitty, and a lovely haze in my condo, but that was it! I am just beside myself happy about that, and the fact that no one was hurt, nor was their any damage to people's personal belongings. I do, however, feel bad for the renter downstairs...

That's what you can see looking down from my deck (which has been checked for safety by the Fire Department, just so ya know). The open wall is where her storage unit is. You can't see it, but her hot water heater is in there. Mine is directly above hers.

We all use Natural Gas for hot water and heat. The main line runs right into the storage unit.


In a fiber related thought - I am very glad that I choose to keep my yarn in ziplock baggies. I know that some folks think it's a no-no, but I'm glad my yarn doesn't smell like a campfire! Could the couch and love seat smell like one? Yup, sure could. Could my clothes smell like one? Yup, sure could.

Yes, I am more concerned about the smell of my yarn. And of course my creatures big and small!

Mini-Me and our baby, Chulito - who is no baby, but we like treat him like one!

Two fingers is enjoying the open windows and says "Fire? Shoot... I didn't see no fire, but thanks for opening the window for me!"


Daniele said...

I am so glad no-one was hurt! I am also a plastic baggie freak with the yarn. OH well.....

The pictures are great! Mini-me is such a doll. And that puppy - oh my, I want (NEED) that puppy!! Gimme!

P.S. As for the f-bombs, I was raised in an Italian family. That word does seem to come up a lot in conversation...... :)

Cookie said...

Thank goodness no one was hurt and the damage was limited. I hope things air out soon and the smell goes away.

She Knits Socks said...

Thank goodness it wasn't any worse. I'm always glad to hear that the pets survived! (And of course the stash.) We'll forgive you for the f-bombs, as it was completely understandable, under the circumstances.