Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aporto Wins!!

Yup, that's what I'm going to use. I think my LYS even has some on hand!

Thank you for your input blog-buddies! I'm pretty darned excited about knitting this sweater.

That's all for now.

Wait! Not so fast - I have been asked to give some linkage to some yarnage and baggage.

This project bag was made by Acornbud! If you clickey on the linkey you will be taken to her Etsy site. This bag is made extremely well and I was completely blown away by it. Not that I want all of you to suffer, and you may want to kick me when I say this, but it's worth more than what she charges ;-)

This little pretty is from Allspunup. It was a gift. Thank you gifter!!!! Me likey.

Okie dokie! The green yarn is from Miss Bab's YummySock and Baby Yarn.
Left of that is Sanguine Gryphon Edios Sock in Meno, which isn't on their website anymore. It too, is super.
Left of that is Araucania's Aysen #813.
Left of that is from Creatively Dyed. She doesn't have this color on her website, so I just linkey to a page of what it is - superwash merino.

This most horrific picture is of another gift. Thank you gifter! Me likey this lots - very colorful and unique, which is very much like me!

It's by GypsyKnits and the color is Whirlygig

Ok, that's enough. Now go shopping courtesy of my linkeys.

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Opal said...

thanks for the linkage! such pretty stuff. :)

yay for aporto! i can't wait till you get the yarn!