Saturday, April 19, 2008

Teaching a child to knit!

You would think I have lost my mind! Yes, I am back to teaching my beautiful child to knit. She and I have done this off and on for the last year or so and it's a monumental feat every time.

We have made definite strides this time, friends! My beautiful baby is a stubbord little lady who does not always take lessons well from mom. Period. Miss Maddie has always taken instruction better from other adults, but I'm her only local knitter, so I take many deep breaths and instruct. Some times all I need is a little assistance as well as some trial and error.

I've managed to figure out a perfect way for her to cast on, which she has definetly masterd - THANK GOD. I thought about just casting on for her, but what's the point in that? Girl's gotta know how to do it all if she wants to make things - and boy does she ever!

She's got the understanding of the knit stitch, and she's quite capable but she holds the needles soooooo tightly that it makes it hard for her.. No clue how to remedy that one. I just remind her to relax, because that's what knitting is all about - finding your little bit of zen!

I did to go so that she could watch the videos that they have there and I think it did help out a lot, I've just got to get her to loosen up some how.

Any ideas? Seriously, I'll try anything because the girl has got all her moves down and is capable, but her tight little grip is just getting the best of her. I'll make a fabulous knitter out of her yet.

Ok.. I'm off to a BBQ with my friends. The weather is devine down her in the 'ville today and I've got a great bottle of wine I'm going to share. Yay!

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