Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hair, hair, hair

If you say it in a witty little pirate-esque sort of way it sounds like "Har, har, har".

I am obsessed with two things... knitting and my hair. I love both dearly. My knitting skills, I think, are genetically linked. My mother used to knit superb items. She's much more into beading these days, but she does crank out fabulous scarfs from time to time, and they are all amazing. On to hair!!

The Amazing Miss Wendy Lee does my hair. It's currently two shades of brown on the bottom half of the back of my head its dark chocolate, and the majority of the rest is done about two shades lighter. On the crow I have a fun diamond shaped area of straight blonde. It's so much fun.. That's me in the pink shirt... The dark portion is much darker now, but you can get the idea. It's a great cut AND a great color.
Wenders (AKA the Amazing Miss Wendy Lee) even gets new product for me to try! I'm currently back on a Paul Mitchell kick. I get on the wagon, fall off and get back on again from time to time, but I have certainly decided that there are a few items I cannot be without:
PAUL MITCHELL the color - it's long lasting and the colors are very true... Love it.
Extra Body Daily Boost - as an avid proponent of utilizing bleach to attain the perfect color, I have to use products that don't dry my hair out. Most volumizing products always seemed to dry my hair out or made it feel nasty. This one does neither and assists me in my daily quest for not so flat hair.
Lavender Mint Moisturising Shampoo (and conditioner) - My daughter has scalp issues - she's had them since she was a baby. This is sooo good for her and I don't feel like I'm having her use a harsh treatment - so gentle and yummy, I even use it on myself!
I love my hair, I love hair products, I love Wenders... Life is complete.

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She Knits Socks said...

Your hair looks pretty and healthy.

Don't worry about your daughter not letting you teach her to knit. Maybe she will let her grandmother teach her. And don't get your feeling hurt; this is the way it is with mothers and daughters.