Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Rambles.

This is me and my baby Madeline (if you are willing to consider 8 years old to be a baby). She's been gone at her Grammy's ALL WEEK. Normally, I would have spent this time going out and about and doing whatever I wanted, but I've been soooo sick I've stayed at home all week.
Trust me when I tell you that NO Crown Royale, Muscato D'Asti, Peache Lambic, or Newcastle has passed these lips since 3/22.
I know, big deal, yadda yadda... And, pleople, it's not that I drink all the time, or that all the time I drink alot, but it's unusual for me to make it through an entire weekend without having a single sip - particularly because this has been a LONG, CRAPPY week! Work (when I made it there) made me want to poke my eyes out! ARGH!!
Tomorrow is Monday (just so you can remember!) and on Tuesday I am off to St. Louis to visit the Spectrum Corporate Offices. Big yay. At least I get to meet some people I have only spoken to on the phone for a year. Kind of like meeting a pen pal. One girl has already told me she's dancing on the table Tuesday... Have fun Michaela, 'cause you gonna be dancing by yourself!
In knitting news, I have made progress on Linda's Shawl. I've gotten to the decreases! I'll take pictures when I block it. I am making the Belini Shawl from Morehouse Farms.
I know - don't I have a Fiddle Head Scarf to finish? Why, of course I do, but it's her Birthday! I can't procrastinate on a gift!
To all of you beautiful people who read this blog - I applaud you. (Yes, currently I believe that I am the only one)
Love, Peace and Hair Grease!

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JorieJC2 said...


I left a long reply to your myspace e-mail for Homespun Helpers only to find that it didn't go because we are not "friended" over there.

Basically, to summarize, I very much appreciated your e-mail! My recommendation would be to go through our community posts ( or and see what you think. I believe that what you will see is that most people never make any statement that is remotely anti- anything (except poverty) or political. We all have our own unique beliefs and personalities, but we have joined together because we enjoy crafting for charity, and we want to all contribute to a group effort.

E-mail if you want to converse about this further :)

Thanks again,

~Jorie of Homespun Helpers