Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ohhh Boy.. Another Hobby

I love looking foward to things - perhaps that's why I read people's blogs on knitting like a crazy lady... I have about 5 million (or so) bookmarked on my computer and I check on them daily. I'm exhausted.. I usually am. ..

So of course when the lady at my local Starbucks handed me a venti coffee instead of the grande at 6pm, and an hour later I was still exhausted, it didn't occur to me to GO TO SLEEP. Oh no - not me. Like a smart girl, I stayed up and here it is 1030pm on Easter Sunday and I am wide awake, thinking "I could have my own blog"

Wouldn't it be fun if Megan had her own blog?


Now the whole world can share in my rambles - which I have a lot of. Just ask my friends. I love to ramble.

Ok Megan, stop it..

Look - too much coffee + too much knitting = blah blah blah.

Perhaps a glass of wine would help. (hehe)

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