Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Heart Handspun!

Lots of things going on around here! Namely illness and coffee makers. and a bit of lace. Sexy!


Check out my new friend. I love it. I may even name it.

In case you can't read the mug: Cooking & cleaning are for people who haven't discovered knitting yet. Fitting, no? If you like coffee and gadgets - this thing is for you!

After finishing the shawl, I had the urge to cast on for another. Particularly after I decided that a sweater-that-shall-not-be-named was not fun to knit and the pattern was written in such a way that really made me want to burn it.

I looked in my queue and decided to knit Deep Forest. I've liked it for a while, and I've been itching to knit with some of my own handspun! Here's what I've got so far:

I will say that the construction of this shawl has thrown me off. In my mind, I thought that the cast on edge was the top edge of the shawl.

As you can see, that is not the case - it's really the bottom edge! Oops!

No wonder the decreases start with ssk as opposed to k2tog! I have really had to fight the urge to start my rows with k2tog. It's made my brain hurt. Habit is habit, ya know? I can't think of a single stitch pattern I have knit thus far that didn't have k2tog before ssk.

Now that I've reversed my knitting polarity, I've been really happy with how this is turning out. And it's a quick knit, which is even better!

Speaking of shawls, Opal still needs to finish her Oyster Bay Shawl. Go and bother her until she finishes it. She's not that far from the end!


Opal said...

hey! i'm still sick! no bothering the sickie!

love the coffee cup and the new machine, but ADORE the new shawl in that gorgeous handspun of yours. :)

Cookie said...

How sick can she really be considering she started ANOTHER shawl? I'm just sayin'...

Love the shawl! And the mug.

I really need to spin something to knit with.

Zonda said...

Oooh loving your shawl! Beautiful handspun! Can't wait to break in your coffee maker though!

Barbara said...

I love my Keurig! Your handspun is really pretty. I love the colors!

Elizabeth said...

Love the mug! Where did you get it? I want one too! p.s. pretty shawl!

Elizabeth said...

That handspun is beautiful- just perfect for the pattern.

Brenda said...

I heart handspun too :) isn't it like magic..when you spin it and then when you knit it up...I still have my yarn like t his and want to make some sort of a drapey vest and havn't found a pattern yet...LOVE YOUR SHAWL!

Beverly said...

Need that mug! Do tell, where did you get it???