Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well That Was Fun!

So this weekend, I had some lovely time to myself. Waking up to only to a dog who doesn't get up for a full hour after you do is a delicious thing. I also got to spend some time doing fibery things with our Zonda. She took all the good pictures, so go stalk her blog.

While I was enjoying the silence, I decided to play with some nekkid yarn and food coloring. Wilton's to be exact!

Using this fabulous article from Knitty as a reference, I heated up the crock pot, threw in some vinegar and had at it.

Here is a pre rinse pic:

And here is the end product!

I only used two colors - blue and green. I started out by pouring in the blue, then hitting the spots that were still light with the green. Initially, I had twisted the yarn a bit, and ended up with more white than I intended. Once the yarn had cooled off so I could examine it, it went back to the crock pot. I added more blue and just a snitch more green, which exhausted pretty quickly leaving still more white than I wanted. I quickly made up some blue dye, and then added a wee bit of green making a neat teal color. I dumped it in and called it a day.

I love it, and I learned some lessons.

1. It's fun to play with vinegar. For the green, I had secretly poured vinegar right where I wanted the color to go. I can say it worked, and worked well.

2. If the water is still hot, you can add more dye.

3. Next time, use the oval crock pot. The second go-round, I just put the yarn in, with no arrangement and had a lot less white, however, it was still tricky to get the dye into all of the nooks and crannies. Using my oval crock pot will allow a lot more room for play.

4. Dyeing yarn is just like any other fiber related play. Addictive.

Here's a sneak peak of another addiction.

And just in the event you needed an interesting factoid, today is the day, back in the 50's that LSD was deemed illegal.


Zonda said...

ooh it is pretty! hehe..yeah, all pictures of you, that I haven't posted yet ;)

Acornbud said...

Very pretty!

Cookie said...

Very nice!

Next time, you need to dye roving that you can spin into yarn and knit with. That's your circle of life. ;^)


Opal said...

love love love the yarn.

also love what you've got going on the bobbin AND i think cookie's right. get some roving to dye!