Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 10 Reasons For Not Blogging

1. I'm lazy. (Notice how I made this number 1 on the list - I am dealing with reality here, people.)

2. I've been to busy spinning to type.

3. Cabana Boy deserved my attention before he left town.

4. There was no Mini-Me in the house for two whole weeks, and so I had to do exactly what I wanted to do every single day. To include not blogging.

5. Nookie is more important than blogging. There - I said it.

6. I've got a boat load of projects I'm working on, and couldn't seem to get anything accomplished. Oh wait. Most of them are still not finished. /sigh

7. It's summer. Weekend blogging has been interrupted by beach trips and more laziness.

8. I've not had any good pictures. Mainly because I can't finish anything.

9. I'm going to admit that for the most part, I had nothing relevant to share.

10. Lately life has been so insane that anytime I've felt like blogging, it's been so that I can vent. Granted, I wear me some Cranky Pants, but ya'll don't want angry blog posts on a daily basis. That's no fun, and it gets boring.

Oh! By the way, I'm forging a head with continuing to have projects coming out my arse. If you haven't signed up for the Tour de Fleece yet on Ravelry, what the heck are you waiting for?? There are a bunch of superlicious teams out there that would love to have more spinners join up.

You can use the button on the upper left hand side of my blog to head on over to Ravelry and sign up. Whatcha waitin' on?


Opal said...

excuses, excuses, excuses.....

okay. well. i can get down with spending time with cabana boy before he left town.

other then that? plfft.


Cookie said...


Did you get a cat and not tell us?

TAC said...

Your pants are cranky cuz of those projects coming out of your arse!

Isn't it funny how you would rather live your life than blog about it?

hee hee, nookie

Hattie said...

Your top ten sounds a bit like my top ten... ;)

Zonda said...

Haha..enjoying the comments!

Daniele said...

LOL! I can relate to 1, 8 and 9. Other than that, it seems Nookie has left the building.....where the hell did it go????

Maybe I need a cabana boy too? ;)