Monday, June 8, 2009

I Went To The Gun Show On Sunday...

But on Saturday, Zonda and Christine and little ole' me packed up and headed to Charlotte Yarn to take a class from Wendy Johnson of Wendy Knits!! (More on the gun show later.)

And yes, for all of you Plurkers, it was I who threw the straw wrapper at the other table. I was behaving badly - go figure! (I would like to add that I was encouraged by the other knitters at my table cough cough Zonda, cough, Christine)

Mum, by the way, should be happy she's not the only one who gives me the strong finger!

We had such a blast! Wendy taught an awesome class, and it was really neat to meet someone in person who I've only "met" electronically, and is the reason I knit toe up socks! If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from Wendy, I would highly suggest you take it, you'll have a great time and learn a lot along the way.

From the left: Zonda, Christine, Wendy and myself!

We even got to see some out of town friends, Dani and Corey. It's good to see faces and actually speak to people in person!!

I have a feeling that the six of us will be finding a little place between here and Charlotte to have a regular meet up.

Not that we will behave enough to be allowed back, hehehe..

In other news, I think someone may be getting a wheel soon.... But I don't know who that is, I swear. Well, maybe I do. Possibly.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. God love the redneck who came up with this masterpiece. If Gun Shows are good for something, it's certainly a laugh!

PS - Thank you to Charlotte Yarn for putting up with the insanity! I would show my favorite readers what I'd bought, but I might spoil a swap surprise. So there.

Special thanks to Zonda, for sharing her pictures!


Dani said...

I'm glad you take ownership of your bad behavior. Id say it was the 1st step to recovery but yea, I know you and I know that's not happening anytime soon ;-)

Cookie said...

I refuse to believe you were bad. Did Wendy spank you? Were you put in a corner? No? Then you weren't bad.

I'm thinking...

Gun show?! What fun!

That truck? Could totally belong to one of my neighbors. o.0


Opal said...

oh dear god. that truck! that TRUCK! *thud*

Daniele said...

I am so jealous! Y'all look like you had a wonderful time! How far is it from Columbus, OH to Charlotte??? ;)

OH, and did you pick me up some ammo??? he he he

Also, I copy Opal on the truck... thud..... giggle

yarnsnob said...

sinatra69OMG you little liar!!!!! You got in trouble all on your own. Look who got the finger and almost landed in time out. Not me or Zonda. We are not even in the photo. HAHAHA. Good times good times. Had a great time. We need to do more "fun" stuff like that again.

Zonda said...

Hehe...interesting truck! ;)
*whistles innocently...what wheel* ;)