Sunday, May 4, 2008

Where have I been for a week?

God only knows, people, God only knows. I have, however, been knitting quite a bit!

Let's discuss, shall we?

First, let's look at my version of the Crest of the Wave Scarf:

My camera does the yarn no justice. I'm using Shibui Knits Sock yarn in "Orchid". The pinks are what you would find in a star gazer lily, and the green is a vivid chartreuse. I put all the information, plus my changes to the pattern on Ravelry. (I'm MsKnottyKnits there too)
Oh! In lieu of a good picture, here is the yarn on the Shibui Knits website. I love it so much. When I got the yarn in the mail, I made sure to pet it and rub it on my cheek. I might have even shed a tear of joy over the whole experience. Please go and look at the yarn - share in my delight.

I've been slogging along to finish the Bellini Shaw:

This shawl is for my ex mother in law. It's from Morehouse Farms and the colorway is "Monet's Garden". This is an easy shawl, but it's stockinette... The whole thing... (Yawn) It's been hard for me to continue with this one, friends because it's very non-stimulating. Notice Two Fingers is not impressed either and looks at me in that "when-are-you-gonna-finish-that-thing" sort of way. Love her.

Simple and easy, I did the nine patch dishcloth from Mason Dixon. I love my color choices. I gave it to Ms. Wendy because she's such a great person. I finished it while she was doing my hair this weekend! Yay!!! New hair color. (Pictures of that to follow)

Obviously, the picture is taken of the WS, which is quite depressing because the mitered corners in the variegated yarn are delicious!!! I was in the very long line at the McDonald's drive thru so I decided to knit a bit on it. Ms. Wendy was tickled pink.

How fun am I?? How fun are my color choices??? Doesn't it just make you want to jump up and down and bust out your box of 64 colors???? I'm so happy with colors lately.

Now if only I could finish that darned shawl some time this century.

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